SKVOZ dragrace:

Remember when fixed gear races were sketchy and fast with no spandex? Russia remembers. Check out this video from the Saint-Petersburg crew Sect and see what we’re talking about.


Sure does look like fun doesn’t it?



Fabrica Cycles Pista

Look at the new hotness from Milan!

fabrica4338-2Paolo Paciucci formerly of from Ferriveloci Cicli Milano has branched off and with Francesco Barbieri created Fabrica Cycles. Together they are making a handful of different stunning steel frames. The Fabrica Cycles Pista is a gorgeous representation of their skill and attention to detail. The Pista is a 100% handmade frame made of high quality Columbus steel tubing with tight classic track geometry.

These bikes are beautiful and are made to order so you can get them in any color combination and in any size.  For more information or how to order follow this link.

They also make a few other models for cross and road. Details on those can be found here.

Federico Motta


Cueva has been making some moves lately. They recently released a few new frames, the Giro and the Tour. (More on these frames soon but this post is about the homie Federico) 


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