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  • Relating to or concerned with motor vehicles. Pertaining to the design, operation, manufacture, or sale of automobiles.

These are the different kinds of  brand cars in the Philippines:

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SUV’S:A sport utility vehicle or suburban utility vehicle (SUV) is a vehicle classified as a light truck, but operated as a family vehicle. They are similar to a large station wagon or estate car, usually equipped with four-wheel drive for on- or off-road ability. Some SUV’s include the towing capacity of a pickup truck with the passenger-carrying space of a minivan or large sedan.

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Montero sport




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Lowered Cars/Sports cars:  is a small, usually two seater, two door automobile designed for spirited performance and nimble handling. And a low-built car designed for performance at high speeds.

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  • Crazy Leo wins first round of 2017 Canadian Rally Championship

    Crazy Leo wins first round of 2017 Canadian Rally Championship
  • Red Bull Global Rallycross Announces 2017 Calendar

    Red Bull Global Rallycross Announces 2017 Calendar
  • Crazy Leo returns to competition at Rallye Perce Neige this weekend

    Crazy Leo returns to competition at Rallye Perce Neige this weekend
  • 2017 F-150 King Ranch is the aspirational king of the pickups

    2017 F-150 King Ranch is the aspirational king of the pickups
  • Insanity at the supermarket: Dodge announces crazy fast Durango

    Insanity at the supermarket: Dodge announces crazy fast Durango

Mechanical engineering

Description of Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineers create useful things for our world. Everything you see from a rocket to a toothbrush was designed by a mechanical engineer. So in general, mechanical engineers harness the laws of physics to create useful inventions for humanity. Typical areas of study for a mechanical engineering student include Statics, Dynamics, Heat transfer, Thermodynamics, Strength of materials.

If you spent a day with a typical mechanical engineer, you would spend most of your time looking over his shoulder as he created solid models on the computer using CAD software. This is by far the main job function that is done day in and day out. Occasionally, he will be in meetings discussing design decisions, but the majority of his time is spent in front of the computer. I could continue on with a description of mechanical engineering, but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words so here is a great video showing the day to day of a mechanical engineer. It shows the steps from CAD design to the actual manufacturing of the parts. As I said before, the design portion using CAD takes the longest to complete. Once you have made your design choices it just a matter of producing the parts and then assembling them.hqdefault.jpg


To learn more about mechanical engineering go to what do mechanical engineers do.

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How to Become a Mechanical Engineer, The Three Major Steps.

So you are interested in becoming a mechanical engineer?

Many Mechanical Engineer  had to break the process of becoming one down, it would consists of three major steps:

1. Graduate High school with a good GPA and good SAT and ACT scores.

2. Attend College and major in Mechanical Engineering. Graduate with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

3. Be persistent with your job search and land a job in an industry you are interested in.

High School

If you want to become a Mechanical Engineer it all starts with a commitment in high school. You have to work hard and make sure you graduate with a good GPA. If you have already graduated and your GPA is not as high as it could be. You might have to go to community college for a year or two before a major university will accept you. While in high school, make sure to develop your math and physics skills. These are the skills that form the foundation of your course work in college. So study hard in these courses. Another key to getting into a good school is high SAT and ACT scores. Make sure to really nail the math portions of the tests. With a good GPA and good test scores you will be set to be accepted by a nationally ranked mechanical engineering school.

Mechanical Engineering School

Once you’ve been accepted to college you will be well on your way to becoming a mechanical engineer. Once again you need to focus on your school work. The name of the game is getting a GPA of at least 3.0. This will insure that employers will not look over you. The higher the GPA the easier it will be to get a job out of school. During school make sure to pay attention to what classes really grab your attention and interest. These will be possible industries that you will want to focus on for your job search once you graduate. Study hard, do well in your classes especially your senior design class and you will be set up to land a job once you graduate. Make sure to attend ASME lunch events at school, visit professors during office hours and make some friends with your classmates. This will set you up with a solid professional network.

Your First Job

If you’ve made it this far and worked hard in college you will be able to land your first job out of college. Landing a job can be difficult for mechanical engineers fresh out of college because most employers do not want to train employees. They like to hire experience. Don’t let this stop you. With enough persistence you can find a job. If you paid attention to what you were interested in while going to school. You will know what industries to focus on. Go to Career fairs and search the job boards on the internet. Find companies that are in industries that you are interested in and apply your resume to their website, call them and ask for the hiring manager, even show up in person and drop your resume off. Remember the friends you made during school and the professors that developed a relationship with? Use these connections to see if they have any potential job leads. With enough persistence you will find a position. Once you land that first position, congrats you are officially a mechanical engineer.

How to become a mechanical engineer is as simple as that. If you study hard in high school and college, are persistent with your job hunt and utilize your network, becoming a mechanical engineer will be a piece of cake. If you’d like to see if you have the passion to become a mechanical engineer, click on my mechanical engineering passion test.  If you’d like to know more about mechanical engineers click on what do mechancal engineers do.



SKVOZ dragrace:

Remember when fixed gear races were sketchy and fast with no spandex? Russia remembers. Check out this video from the Saint-Petersburg crew Sect and see what we’re talking about.


Sure does look like fun doesn’t it?



Fabrica Cycles Pista

Look at the new hotness from Milan!

fabrica4338-2Paolo Paciucci formerly of from Ferriveloci Cicli Milano has branched off and with Francesco Barbieri created Fabrica Cycles. Together they are making a handful of different stunning steel frames. The Fabrica Cycles Pista is a gorgeous representation of their skill and attention to detail. The Pista is a 100% handmade frame made of high quality Columbus steel tubing with tight classic track geometry.

These bikes are beautiful and are made to order so you can get them in any color combination and in any size.  For more information or how to order follow this link.

They also make a few other models for cross and road. Details on those can be found here.

Federico Motta


Cueva has been making some moves lately. They recently released a few new frames, the Giro and the Tour. (More on these frames soon but this post is about the homie Federico)